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Danger level 9
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware

Other mutations known as:
Virus Clear 2011

VirusClear 2011

A series of suspicious websites have appeared, preparing to promote VirusClear 2011 program. This program does not exist as of yet, but do take note of these websites and exercise caution if you approach them, because the layout and design of these sites is very similar to that of AntiMalware Go distributors. The list of websites promoting Virus Clear 2011 includes:


It looks like VirusClear 2011 is going to be a rogue antispyware program, because every single website has a different color scheme and design, but the general layouts are very similar. They all share such sections as “Terms and Conditions”, “FAQ”, “Glossary”, “Testimonials”, “Support” and “Contacts”. What is more, the testimonials uploaded in all of these websites are the same. Even the sequence of the messages is the same. This fact suggests that these sites might be fake, because they are simply recycling the information, without adding anything new. This is the general tactics of the sites which promote rogue antispyware, and all of the web-pages mentioned above might as well fall into this category.

These five websites which promote VirusClear 2011 are designed to receive payment for the program. This program is not released yet, but it is very likely that VirusClear 2011 will be a malicious rogue antispyware application, and these sites have been put up on the web in advance. As of now these sites can neither receive the payment for the program, nor assist in distributing it, but keep your guard up, because the emergence of these websites is very disturbing.

The creators of VirusClear 2011 seem to be ready to reap the “rewards” of their work, because the price for the product is indicated in every single website from the list. It is actually even possible to pay for it already, providing the websites with important personal data, such as your first and last names, address, phone and credit card numbers. But the point is that the users would be paying for a product which does not exist yet, and most definitely their money would be spent for nothing.

It is highly probable that VirusClear 2011 will appear on the Internet soon enough. So it is highly recommended not to disclose personal information to these websites, because this network might be set up for the future rogue distribution. Stay cautious until the truth about VirusClear 2011 comes out in the open.

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