This PremierOpinion is simply bad news. It is adware which enters PCs on the back of other files and applications like suspect screensavers downloaded onto the system, PremierOpinion holds the dubious record of being the first badware program to both infects Macs and PCs.

Even experts agree that it is incredibly difficult to get rid of PremierOpinion, making it near impossible for the average user to delete it effectively. That is why having the power of reliable antispyware tools behind you will help you permanently remove PremierOpinion for good.

You may wonder what the symptoms of a PremierOpinion adware infection is, and why everyone is going on and on about it. The thing about PremierOpinion is that it will display terribly annoying popup ads on the infected system, in accordance to the user’s browsing habits. It will bombard the user with relentless unsolicited ads, rendering the system nearly impossible to use. PremierOpinion can be caught from malicious websites or file sharing networks. It causes systems to freeze and gathers Internet records and information such as cookies, making it available to third parties.

It seems one thing experts are in agreement over is the need for PremierOpinion to be obliterated. Keeping this vitriolic application running rampant on your system will damage it permanently and expose you to other seriouis infections and harmful threats.

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Danger level 7
Type: Adware


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