Danger level 5
Type: Mail Bombers


HTML_REDIR.BA is a very harmful browser HTML script file. It makes use of social engineering tactics and tricks in order to entire users in to performing certain actions which will result in many malicious consequences. HTML_REDIR.BA will make use of spammed email messages that contain text regarding the death of a famous celebrity this may be used in order to trick users into opening up the file.HTML_REDIR.BA may do all of this and much much more.

HTML_REDIR.BA is also able to redirect users to very corrupted websites that will contain malware and other parasites. If your browser gets redirected you need to leave the website immediately and restart your machine. This is also another reason why you should always have up to date computer software on your machine. You really need to kill HTML_REDIR.BA immediately upon detection with the use of reliable programs.

HTML_REDIR.BA will change your settings and gain access to your machine when you least expect it. By the time that you figure out that your machine is infected lots of the damages may already be done.HTML_REDIR.BA can be seen as yet another reason to never click on links in emails not matter how enticing they may appear.

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